“cor ad cor loquitur”

― Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman

Andrew Pinsent is Research Director of the
Ian Ramsey Centre for Religion and Science
at Oxford University, a Research Fellow of
Harris-Manchester College and a member
of the Faculty of Theology at Oxford. He is
also a priest of the diocese of Arundel and
Brighton in England.

Andrew has a doctorate in particle physics from Oxford, a degree in theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and a doctorate in philosophy from St Louis University. He is a named author on thirty-one papers of the DELPHI experiment at CERN, Geneva and a member of the United Kingdom Institute of Physics. His licentiate dissertation in philosophy examined the specifically divine nature and end of the Christian virtuous life, especially in the spiritual anthropology of Thomas Aquinas. His doctoral dissertation continued this work by examining the unity of the non-Aristotelian virtues, gifts, beatitudes and fruits in Aquinas's work, drawing an analogy between Aquinas's virtue ethics and the findings of contemporary experimental psychology, especially joint attention and the second person. He has published articles, reviews and popular books, including a critically acclaimed catechetical course Evangelium.

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